Discovery Homes & Grun Bauhaus


Grun Bauhaus is part of the well-established building company Discovery Homes (Dundee) Ltd.

Discovery and Grun Bauhaus is a design led manufacturing and construction company established in

Grun Bauhaus is a MMC (Modern method of construction) company whose offsite facility and over-
riding ethos is to deliver outstanding homes that embraces modern manufacturing technologies
delivering quality, value, sustainability and energy performance excellence.

Healthy Homes by using natural building materials that enable the home to breath.

Offsite manufacturing is faster, safer and greener than the traditional build. Offsite champions
sustainability, speed, reduced waste, less energy and allows our team to work faster and in a more
streamline way.

Flat panel components for floor and wall and roof structures produced in a factory and assembled on

Our aim is to design and deliver healthy, comfortable, low carbon and low energy homes using
natural building materials.

The beauty we build is more than skin deep, we aim to champion the use of demonstrably
sustainable building products.


High Quality Homes For The Future

The world we live in is changing and so is the way we build your home. All our homes are designed with the environment in mind, giving you an energy efficient home that is warm and relaxing, yet cleaner and less expensive to run.

Our Vision & Approach 

Grun Bauhaus – Building the Future, today.

The world we live in is changing and so is the way we build your home. All our homes are built with the environment, energy efficiencies, your health and sustainability at the forefront of what we do. We passionately believe that the only way to significantly implement these changes is to strive for manufacturing excellence.

The design techniques and natural materials used in our residential production are now so advanced we are confident this is the future of housing excellence. Precision engineered using innovative high tech materials which retain the positive properties of wood as a natural sustainable product. This results in a construction system that is ecological, healthy and innovative with outstanding insulating

GRUN BAUHAUS and DISCOVERY HOMES – Different but better – our approach is to build excellence first time, on time and every time.

Design Led

GRUN BAUHAUS- Quality/Environment-Sustainability/Speed.

Program and logistics

Offsite can significantly reduce the site programme with quicker delivery and insulation, improving travel and site logistics.


Offsite can provide increased levels of accuracy and reduced defect variability. Improved quality and reliability due to factory controlled systems, much more predictable in the manufacturing process.

Environment and Sustainability

Fabric first approach – timber is the best way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by absorbing it and costs less in carbon omissions than both concrete and steel.
With offsite construction on site waste can be virtually eliminated and any waste produced can be recycled. We operate a zero-waste policy. Site noise and dust produced by onsite cutting and cleaning therefore removed.

Productivity and Resources

Productivity within manufacturing is significantly higher than in the traditional construction industry, labour can be leaner with the help of technology and manufacturing facilities.


Extremely low energy bills. Low maintenance and clean energy. Cost-efficient value for money, greater affordability.


Factory fabrication allows significant use of automation and appropriate tools and handling methods with work typically undertaken at bench height. This offers an opportunity to address some of the fundamental causes of accidents.

Grun Bauhaus – purveyors of the finest modern homes, is part of the well-established Discovery Homes (Dundee) Ltd and is a MMC company whose offsite facility and over riding ethos is to deliver a quality home that embraces (scalability) manufacturing techniques delivering build quality and energy performance excellence.

Our aim is to design and deliver healthy comfortable, low carbon and low energy homes using natural building materials.

Green, Energy Efficient Homes

We are proud in our innovative, well designed layouts offering energy efficient homes (with outstanding energy cost saving) constructed with German material built to the highest standards in Britain using state of the art technological advances.

Energy Savings

How our homes save energy costs?

High Quality Insulation

High quality insulation provided by STEICO can dramatically reduce energy consumption. Savings of up to 80% are possible.

PV Panels & Storage Battery

PV panels combined with solar backup battery will reduce dependency on the National Grid electricity and can achieve further savings on your energy bills.

High Performance Windows & Doors

High performance and energy efficient widows and doors that will reduce heat loss and cut heating bills.

Air Source Heat Pump

Efficient Daikin heat pump, engineered to provide long-lasting, energy-efficient heating that can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Underfloor Heating

Eco friendly underfloor heating that uses less energy and costs much less in the long run.

Smart Meters & Smart Controls

Our efficient homes come with smart meters and smart controls that measure how much energy you’re using. They come with an in-home display screen to help you visualise your energy usage and support you to reduce your energy consumption.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Convenient and cost-effective EV charging points that will help you to keep energy costs and emissions down.

LED Lighting

We use efficient LED Lights that consume up to 90% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs.